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Brief History

This is PEN-4TRESS LINKSYS , an organization born with various visions and mission at the fullness of time to bring together men and women from various sphere of life and various professions under an umbrella where they share visions, aims or goals together. The world is becoming one global village and your service , area of your specialization or your profession are needed by millions in this global village. But this millions must get to know you, what you do, how to locate or contact you at any given time if they wil reach you and patronise you. Your product and service need to be advertised if it must excel in this global village. For this purpose, PEN-4TRESS LINKSYS was born, to link business, to anchor your services with millions that need your service and product. To tell the world about you. To develope and manage your multipurpose Web projects(web site , Mobile App , E-Commerce, Customised Organisational | Business | Financial App , Network | Intranet Developement), irespective of the area of your specialisation. you need our service.

Our Visions

PEN-4TRESS LINKSYS was born with various visions which continue to burn in the mind of all her staff. Among her passion/visions are :
1. Maximise / explore the various opportunities available on the internet and teach companies, institutions, undergraduate, graduates and various Nigerian youths to do so.
2. Explore and expand the possibilities of computer network world and the programming world, Developing online and offline customized application for company and institutional administrative, financial management and database Apps that run in either a Local system or over the intranet,

Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between computer online and offline illiteracy by uniting as many as we possible can to the global village via development of customised user friendly online and offline applications.

Our Promise

1. To Develope a customisable online and offline application that meet your test and vision 2. To deliver your project at barest minimum time possible 3. To promote and link your organisation to the masses that need your services and products

Our Network

The company has team of network staff positioned through out the federation, working in a very tight team work, making it easy for the company to execute her projects with ease and within the minimum time possible.

Core Values

On a high esteem , the Company vow on
1. Respect to Clients and their Interest in executing their Pojects

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