Virtual Career Fair Platform with Unique Features

U.C. NOW is a progressive virtual career fair platform with an enormous influence in Hong Kong that is now expanding worldwide. This virtual info day platform proved its quality at a time when no other similar platform could satisfy all the needs of internet users – during the COVID-19 quarantine. Educational institutions, recruitment companies, and corporations, and a wide range of communities were forced to stop their regular activities because of the social distancing rules. The only option they had was to transfer their physical activities to online meetings. It was only then that most of the community leaders realized the importance of digital communication. However, the programs available at the time did not have all the features that could allow undisturbed, easy management and productive meetings; until they discovered UC. NOW.

This innovative virtual info day platform includes a range of features that facilitate online communication and make it as enjoyable as possible. The virtual career fair platform is modern, well-equipped, easy to use and allows members to use their creativity to make their online events interesting and engaging.

Apart from the standard features that include chatting, video calling, file exchange and scheduled meetings, UC. NOW is constantly adding new extensions to the virtual info day platform to meet the needs of different groups of users. The latest extension that received outstanding reviews is the Metaverse extension for Gen Z and millennials. Now, younger generations can enjoy a realistic virtual career fair platform that facilitates their day-to-day activities and compliments their creative minds while connecting with people.

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