Humanities Faculty HK Helps Students Master the Academic Areas

EdUHK, a Humanities Faculty HK, continues to attract local and international students with its progressive interdisciplinary programs. Humanities education equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and handle modern society.

There are four main areas of expertise at EdUHK: English Language Education, Chinese Language Studies, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and, lastly, Literature and Cultural Studies. All of the mentioned categories are notably popular; students are welcome to select one of the areas, according to their interests and preferences. Every program at the Humanities Faculty HK is carefully designed and presented by innovative, creative educators.

Apart from the theoretical part of the studies, students can take advantage of numerous engaging activities. Frequently, the Humanities Faculty HK organizes seminars and competitions that enable students to learn more about the area of their interest and show their abilities and knowledge to others. The competitions are encouraging and they motivate students to continue learning and improving.

Students can count on the strong support of educators at the Humanities Faculty HK. Teachers enjoy helping students learn and having an impact on their academic achievements. It is a true pride of every teacher to affect students’ lives and support them on the challenging roads to success.

Regardless of the area students choose, they can be sure that the programs they attend will be captivating, and educational and they will assist them in progressing in their area of expertise. All it takes is a good start, willpower, and motivation and most students at EdUHK can achieve their maximum academic potential!

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