Packaging Printing from Hong Kong Across the World

Hung Hing is a globally recognized printing company with a reputation as a trendsetter with top-quality packaging printing services. Since its establishment in 1950. Hung Hing set high standards in Hong Kong that no other printing companies could meet. Continually, a creative and ambitious team brings innovation to the printing industry that initially amazed Hong Kong and later the world.

As a top-class company with unique packaging printing solutions, Hung Hing established a strong network of partners around the world. Prestigious organizations and publishers from the edutainment market collaborate with Hung Hing continually in order to make their ideas come to life and the only way to do that is by working with a qualified team that knows how to help their clients express effectively and follow their vision while creating and producing materials of all types of the highest quality.

Hung Hing’s connection with edutainment companies varies from small projects to large campaigns and brand building. This company offers several packaging printing categories that clients can adapt to their businesses. Whether they require authentic designs,  decorative cardboard solutions for special events, or bulk cardboard printing and branding; Hung Hing can help them execute their ideas efficiently.

As a company that promotes sustainability, Hung Hing is an ideal partner for clients in the edutainment market who understand the importance of using sustainable printing materials, as well as their superior quality. Environmentally friendly products contribute to the preservation of the planet while providing the highest printing quality, which is an ideal combination that Hung Hing manages to provide continually to clients around the globe.

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