The Underrated in Hong Kong

Tsuen Wan has been inhabited for many centuries, but it has only started gaining the spotlight among the Hong Kong residents since the development of the new township. Now the town has a lot more modern shopping mall. You can find a wide range of decent quality food in the malls, such as, Tsuen Wan Plaza, the Mills and Nina Mall.  Some popular spots in the area include the Kwong Pan Tin Mural Village and Cube O Discovery Park.

Kwong Pan Tin Mural Village, known as the ‘Hong Kong version of the Rainbow Village.’ It locates in a quiet neighborhood on the foothill of Tai Mo Shan. Residents and volunteers turned the village into a colorful village filled with wall murals and rainbow staircases. Please do be mindful not to disturb the village residents while having fun. 

Cube O Discovery Park is the first ocean discovery park in Hong Kong that is great for families. The multimedia games are designed to inspire interests in marine conservation and to learn to respect and protect the ocean and the inhabitants.

Can’t wait to visit the area? There is a convenient transportation hub in the form of a bus and MTR station. Other than public transport, Tsuen Wan has plenty of parking spaces, making it friendly to all local drivers. As part of the township development design, all the major shopping malls are connected by footbridge. Either by public transport or by private vehicles, I hope to see you all in the area!

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