WSET Level 3 – Final Step to Wine Industry

One of the leading wine schools in Hong Kong, CorVino, offers top-class courses to wine enthusiasts that can build and develop their skills through WSET Level 1, Level 2 and WSET Level 3 programs. Educators with strong theoretical and practical skills and a great passion for wines aim to equip course attendees with valuable abilities that will enable them to explore beverages and make their way into the competitive wine industry.

WSET Level 3 is the highest level of the course, designed for wine admirers willing to become experts in the field. Before reaching the final level, course attendees must go through the first and second levels which will build a strong foundation for future lessons. They learn how to explore wines through sight, smell, and taste, how to differentiate wines and do food pairings. The second level improves the previously-obtained skills and prepares them for WSET Level 3.

After completing each level, attendees receive a prestigious certification that serves as a great reference in the industry. It helps with job searching, business development and other professional goals. WSET Level 3 certification opens business opportunities with an outstanding chance to succeed in the industry. After passing all levels, certified members can always look for more advice and help from professional CorVino educators as they are delighted to guide and encourage attendees to succeed in the field and make a mark in the wine industry with CorVino being their starting point. The list of successful wine experts that started from CorVino extends after each course, which motivates the management to continue developing and expanding their programs.

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